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tv   Fox 45 Good Day Baltimore  FOX  January 4, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EST

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3 3 wednesday, january 44h. ((deko)) - garrett county 2 hours late 3 3
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3 3 fighting back in fighting back in southeast baltimore after a string of home break-ins in the patterson park aree. area.take a look at this spot crime website... all around the park is lit up with ... burblaries... robberies and theft. neighbors say there's been at least 15 break-ins in the patterson park area in the past 30 days.4 of them happened in the last two weeks on the same block on north luzerne avenue near east
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baltimore street.onn victim says she was asleep upstairs... when thieves broke into her home.when she woke up the next day she found a playstation 3 missing, two cameras... and about $300 dollars in her purse... all gone. (ms. grim) "it's not a good feeling.. i get up every morning looking down the steps seeing if they broke in again." (ááánats up full: "they gain access thru the back windows and doors...."ááá) doors...."ááá)investigaaors believe the theives might be juveniles. since the spike in crime... police have issued nearly 100 citations for curfew violations.they've also inicreased patrols. we want to áyouá are fighting back against crime.tell us what you're doing in your community... to clean up the 410-662-1456. if you're looking for work... baltimore is the place to do it. it. according to forbes-dot-com... charm city is one of the best places in the country right now... for
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jobssit's listed among the top state's employment rate currently sits at 13-percent. for a look at some of the big national companies hiring right now... just go to our website... fox baltimore dot com slash morning. actor nick cannon is in the hospital... and his wife mariah carey is tweeting about . it.mariah carey posted ttis picture on twitter of her with husband nick in the hospital in aspen, colorado. cannon is apparently suffering minor kidney failure.mariah is as he recovers. ray for nick your co-worker is coughing, but is he contagious? or maybe your child has a it time to take her to the doctor? these questionn and more are everywhere during flu season ... ... that's why joel d. smith is live in towson at the minute-clinic to separate fact from fiction. good morning joel d. 3 3
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3 coffee lovers beware... starbucks could cost you more áá átoddy.áthe coffee company says it's raising its prices by 10 cents at stores in the northeast and sunbelt regions. the company blames rising operating ccsts on the price increase. the move comes just weeks after starbucks said it raked in one-point-seven-billion dollars in profits during the 2010-2011 fiscal year. if you've ever gotten robbbd by a vending machine... and who hasn't... you'll love how
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this group gets the drink they want... and then ome. ssme.((:15 "we reckon' we hit a3 ...boosh! :21)) :21)) three british teens noticed the incredible opportunity waiting for them in a vending machine... two trapped sodas... just waiting to fall. fall..o they chose a strategically-located soda and bought it in the hopes that it two on its way does it work? heck it out.. ((:33 (nats) whoa! (cheering) 39)) ((ááááad libáááá)) three sodas ffr the price of one... not a bad eal at all. a new museum is dedicating itself entirely to a favorite pasttime... your sneak ppek at the pinball museum next in our hometown
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hotspot. ((:47 will you marry me?)) me?)) plus... he pops the question and she buusts his bubble... the marriage proposal gone bad coming up. you're watccing foxx45 good day baltimore. ((bump out)) ((break 1))
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--national pinball museum has secured a new location near 3 baltimore's inner location near securee a new museum has secured a new location near baltimore's inner harbor... grand opening is january 14th --the executive dirrctor, curator and fouuder of the museum, david silverman, is live with the details on this morning's hometown hotspot --national pinball museum will feature over 100 machines on exhibit in their galleries interactive play exhibit visitors play machines ranging from classic, vintage modern, solid state machines--pinball as an to present internatiinal history, art and culture from a perspective, and to provide training in electronics, woodworking and machine restora. restoration.
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the national pinball museum is at 6088water street.the grand opening is on january 14th.for more information, log on to fox baltimore dot com slash morning. this next guy tries to score a bride... in front of a large cr. crowd.((:40 i knew that i was going to do this from the first day that i met you. :43)) :43))if he'd only known what would come next... watch what happens after the break. break. you're watching fox 45 good day
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((:47 will you marry me? no? ohhhh! 1:10)) 3 1:10))this failed proposal happened just before christmas ... but surfaced on youtube this week. it happened duuing a u-c-l-a basketball game. game.some say it looks fake... but a u-c-l-a spokesperson says it was not staged.
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3 a trip to the doctor's office
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can bring anxiety to anyone... including your pets. this morning we're going to show you tips tt keeping yourrpet calm at the vet's office. office.and later... reality t-v at its worst... what shows we love to hate. you're watching fox 45 good day baltimore. ((break 3)) finding a doctor for your pet
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is just as important as finding the right one for you. there are some signs that your pet isn't comfortable with the vet you've jonathan kaufman from eastern animal hospital joins us to tell us about them and how to make things easier for everyone.--what are some warnings that your pet isn't
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comfortable with their vet? pnxiety, defensive biting or scratching, hiding when it's time to go to the vet, or creating a racket --what are some ways to prepare your pet?
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--start socializing your pet at a young age... how and why?--dogs especially need to get used to being around other animals... why? they should also be kept on a leash while visiting the vet... what does this do? the familiarity of the leash and pressure of your hand can alleviate fear and stress as well as keep others safe--why does it help to bringgyour pet in for routine visits to the vet? --bringing a few treats can help---ny tips on ffnding the right vet? vet?
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doctor jonathan kaufman from eastern animal hospital will be back in just a minutes to answer your questions about your pets.for now, send them to us on facebook or twitter. people behaving badly seem to be all over reality t-v. v.((1:45 if you can't be my friend... don't be my enemy. 1:) 1:48))plus... from the drama ... the tears... even the tiaras.which reality t-v shows have been voted the worst... see if your guilty pleasure makes the list. list. you're watching fox 45 good day
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baltimore. ((break 4))
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3 p3 3 3 ((áááad lib bad reality tvááá)) 3 3 i'm pregnant and ... in prison... 3
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3 fiber map 3
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the flu is here. the first confirmed case of the seasonal flu in maryland was reported just a few days ago ... so now the question is, how likely are you to get it too? too? joel d. smith is live in towson to go over a few myths about the flu, that many people still think are true. good morning joel d. 3 p, 3
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joel... what's your favorite reality t-v show to watch when you're at home sick?
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3 3 good news for travelers... tarting january 26th... all airlines will have to disclose not just the airfare... but any fees... from baggage ...taxes... fuel surcharges... and 9-11 security fees.the new rules come after consumers convinced congress that there needs to be more truth in ticketing prices... up front. front.another important new rule.... if you buy a non- refundable ticket... you can actually hold that reservation for 24 hours witrhout having to pay for it. we will all be tuning in to the superbowl this year because the ravens will surely be in it. it.advertisers are also hoping you''l stay tuned for the comme. commercials.this year companies are shelling out big bucks for super bowl 2012's ad spots.n-b-c says 30-second spots sold out at record high prices... averaging
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three-and-a-half million dollars each.the network would advertisers.but go-daddy and century 21-real estate ay they're in on the actionn from expensive ads... to crazy reality t-v. t-v.((4:14 no! no! mommy! 4:18)) 4:18))oh yes... from the tantrums the catfights... a look at reality t-v's worst shows out there. and it's frigid out there! meteorologiss steve fertig will be back to tell us just how coll it is... and if we can expect any snow today. you're watching fox 45 good day baltimore. ((break 5))
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"when a muslim decides to leave islam, the situation can range from complicated to deadly." "i was astonished when she said, 'my parents were willing to kill me to protect their own honor." "you're at risk, if you speak out. you can be attacked. but there comes a time when silence becomes a sin." exposing the global rise in honor violence... on the "700 club," wednesday at
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this! this!today on our facebook page we posted a picture of a womaa walking her dog in very snowy's what some of you captioned it. cassandra says, "dashing through the snow." snow."catrina says, "do i look like rudolph tooyou?" you?"felicia says, "i know that ball is in here somewhere." somewhere."here's some of your other captions...((áááad libááá)) if you want to play along... join us on our facebook page at facebook dot com slash fox baltimore. ((toss to weather)) ((ad lib meteorologist))
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3 3weather kid tease 3
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p,3 it's our mobbdeal of the week! every week.. we'll bring you a deal from mobideals... which provides couponss directly to your cell phone! phone!this week's deal comes from... roma's one entree and get the second one half off. just go to my-mobideals- dot-com to get started.. or look for mobideals on your smar. smartphone.
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mobideals is a product of our parent company.. sinclair they're some of the most talked about reality t-v shows. shows. but they're also being voted the worst! worst!((:02 arrivederci! jersey here we come! woo! :06)) :06))gym- tan- laundry... tiaras? we're talking about the top 5 áworstá reality t-v shows... next. next.also ahead... get free advice from a veteranarian about your 410-481-45-45 right ow for a chance to have yyur question answered on our show. you're watching fox 45 good day baltimore. ((break 6))
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÷88 3 they're everyone's guilty pleasure... reality t-v shows. shows. but some reality t-v is better than others. soda-heed-dot-com released it's top five list of the áworst reality show of 2011.á here's what show t-v viewers voted as the worst... see if
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you agree. 3 ((:37 we're late for diva day!.... wahhhh! :47)) 3 tiaras!-got 32-percent of the vote... making it the worst coming in second for the worst reality show is kourtney and kim take new york. york. if you'reenot watching here's what you're missing.
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missing.((3:17 (kick) ow!... and i'll do it harder. 3:24)) 3:24))((ááááad libáááá)) 3 3 jersey shore came in third...23 percent of the vote((ááááad libáááá)) 3 3 percent of the votes.3
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rounding out the top five worst reality shows was the real housewives series. ((:18 beverly hills baby! shh shh sha shing! :21)) 3 :21))((ááááad libáááá)) 3 ((ááááad libáááá))shh shh sha shing! :21)) :21))((:18 beverly hills baby! &pshh shh sha shing! :21)) :21))((ááááad libáááá)) 3 lisa on the real housewives of beverly hills also dresses her dog... but do dogs really need
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clothes?one facebook fan wants to know.... and we have the answer next. next.wwat do you want tt know? your chance for free advice froo a veteranarian... ust call 410-481-45-45... right now. you're watching fox 45 good day baltimore. ((break 7)) we're back with doctor
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jonathannkaufman from eastern
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animal hospital.he's here to answer any questions you have about your pet. mike carnegie carnegie 3 raquel says, "with this cold weather, do smaller dogs really need a sweater? what happened before the days of doggy couture?" couture?"monica says, "my 13 year old shih tzu has chronic
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ear infections. is there anything i can do at home to treat this?" this?" debra asks, "can dogs be bipolar? and if so what can be given to them to treat it?"she says she has a black lab - pitbuul mix with both personalities of lovable
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lab and vicious pitbull. your chance to win tickets to see all the high-flyiig action of freestlye mmtocross- next. next. you're watching fox 45 good day baltimore. sleep. the affect the
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condition can take on each night's rest.... on fox 45 news at 5:30.3 high flying motorcycles return to baltimorr this month. month. nuclear cowboyz freestyle motocross will be at the first mariner
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arena january 13th and 14th. ttckets are still ticketmaster. we're giving away some passes now. the 10th caller at 410-481-4545 wins a family four pack of tickets.
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